Kate Danta, Owner of P.B. Yoga and Healing Arts

“Surrender is the key to a blissful journey and the journey is about living in the “now” and not just while you’re in a yoga pose.”

Kate Danta


Kate first began practicing yoga at the ripe, young age of 19 and has been an instructor of over 20 years. She received her certification from The Harriman School of Yoga in Santa Monica, CA and she specializes in Indra Devi, Svaroopa and Kundalini Yoga. Kate has studied under Rama Berch of La Jolla, CA and has been an instructor at the Master Yoga Academy.

Kate also is certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Therapist and Massage Therapist. She humbly shares the outgrowth of her work through P.B. Yoga & Healing Arts in offering daily classes, workshops and community events. Kate is also available for private instruction.